A Teen Birthday Photoshoot – Alliston Photographer

A photoshoot is always a good way to celebrate another year as a teenager. My oldest, Leah, turned 14 a short while ago and we set out to create her own little photoshoot experience. After a recent branding shoot, I was able to utilize the gorgeous space at Studio Seventy Four to capture what life is like for my 14 year old teen!

Leah has loved drawing and art from a young age. Her abilities have only strengthened over time and now she’s quite the talented artist! She still obsessed with the fantasy genre but has broadened her horizons with not only drawing dragons, but various animals as well! Like a typical teen, she also loves sleeping in and staying up late!

More importantly, Leah is usually willing to help others (anyone who is not her sibling!) with teaching them how to do certain drawings and build incredible lego structures and creatures. Leah is a wealth of information is always willing to share when prompted.

I’m excited (and a bit nervous!) for your new adventure of High School in the fall. But I know that the Lord will bless you wherever you go and whatever you decide to do!

Happy 14th Birthday my sweet Leah! We love you!


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