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Taking Time to Slow Down – Niagara Falls Macro Photographer

niagara falls macro photographer

This weekend was glorious!  We had a great time of rest and spent it at a different pace.  This morning we had a chance to explore God’s creation- to slow down from our usual busy Sunday’s and spend it in communion with nature and with some pretty fabulous company! I broke out my macro which...

Spring Macros

I love my macro lens.  Its my therapy.  When I am out shooting with it – its like time stands still.  It is me and the object I am seeing.  I’m learning to see those objects from different angles.  Look for their beauty and look for the imperfections.  Spring is my most favourite time to...

Packaging – Alliston, Ontario Photographer

I love pretty things – especially pretty boxes with wonderful things inside!  I finally had time to finalize my packaging for my clients and I’m excited that they will be receiving this!  The boxes and ribbons etc. I found at an awesome place called Creative Bag. I spent so much time in that store going...

Wishing it was Warmer – Alliston, Ontario Macro Photographer

The weather this winter has been brutal!  I am not a cold weather person to begin with– so this deep freeze/snowmaggedon has left me counting down days until spring and warmer temperatures.  Here are some bright, summery pictures from a time when it wasn’t minus crazy celcius!  Enjoy!  


Lethbridge County, Alberta

- lethbridge, Calgary, Alberta -

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