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Tuesday’s Truths ~ You Have Value Because You Exist

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    “The world that made sense to me was a world of earning and proving, and I was gutting it out just like everyone around me, frantically trying to prove my worth.” ~ Shauna Niequist – Present over Perfect I have this habit of never finishing a book.  I literally have at least five...

Photography 101: How to Start Out in the Photography World ~ Part Two

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When I started out on my journey into photography the world seemed so big!  A question I asked was where do I start to learn?  What books were a good resource?  What online resources were the best?  When googling How to Learn Digital Photography 101, the search results were so ridiculously high I didn’t know...

Journeying – Reflective Post – Alliston Photographer

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It seems like this time last year was so far away – almost as if it happened years ago.  Tie flies and sometimes its good to go back and have times of reflection. To remind yourself about those moments.  A year ago my husband, Roelof and I flew out to Winnipeg, Manitoba to Kerith Pines....

Who am I? {Reflective Journaling}

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I don’t know whether its being in my thirties or the situations happening in my life, but now more than ever I am questioning who I am.  The conversations I have had over the last number of weeks have my mind swirling and my heart searching to find who I am.  In the culture that...


Lethbridge County, Alberta

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