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Photography 101: How to Start Out in the Photography World ~ Part Two

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When I started out on my journey into photography the world seemed so big!  A question I asked was where do I start to learn?  What books were a good resource?  What online resources were the best?  When googling How to Learn Digital Photography 101, the search results were so ridiculously high I didn’t know...

Our Family Vacation – July 2016 – Ottawa Photographer

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One of my goals this month has been to finish our summer vacation video.  I took a filming course back in the Spring and I used this vacation as an opportunity to document it in live format.  Normally I capture stills of our time but this time I wanted something more.  Video really speaks to...

Wild Child ~ Alliston Child Photographer

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My oldest is a girl of nature, a girl of the wild.  She has a thing for all living creatures.  The air she breathes literally gives her energy for more- more knowledge, more passion and more exploration.  I find myself grasping to keep up with her.  Oftentimes, I feel guilty for not engaging her mind...


Lethbridge County, Alberta

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