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Organize Your Small Business with 17hats – Lethbridge Wedding Photographer

One big part of being a small business owner is the ability to stay organized. There’s a whole other side to photography that oftentimes goes unnoticed. Organization. As photographers, we wear many hats. Not everything we do is just taking pictures! There’s advertising, marketing, social media, correspondence, and bookkeeping. When I started out I’m pretty...

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Photographing Wedding Details ~ Photography Tutorial

One of the parts of a wedding day that brings me joy, is the opportunity to photograph all the little details.  There are obvious details like the invitation, rings and flowers, but there are many other details that shouldn’t be overlooked as well. As photographers, its our job to make sure we pay attention to...

I’m Engaged! Now What?! – Hamilton Wedding Photographer

This holiday season not only brings emotions of good tidings and cheer, it also brings the emotion of love and reflection.  Statistics show that many dating couples will get engaged over the Holiday season.  This is super exciting!  Not only do you get to celebrate a great time of year with friends and family, you...


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