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One big part of being a small business owner is the ability to stay organized. There’s a whole other side to photography that oftentimes goes unnoticed. Organization. As photographers, we wear many hats. Not everything we do is just taking pictures! There’s advertising, marketing, social media, correspondence, and bookkeeping. When I started out I’m pretty sure I was keeping track of my expenses through excel sheets.

Early on I thought that there had to be a quicker, more efficient way of organizing my income and expenses. But I also wanted to create a professional way in which I could communicate important documents like invoices, contracts, and questionnaires to my clients.

After doing a bit of research I realized there were many, many CRM (customer relationship management) systems out there. I did my homework, read through reviews, asked questions, watched demos, and finally settled on 17hats.

Benefits of a CRM System

I have been using this system for over 8 years now and I am continually grateful for the ways that it saves me time. There are so many benefits that I could list. From tracking my income and expenses, to streamlining mini session bookings, implementing useful workflows, to creating effective questionnaires, this program helps me in my business is so many countless ways.

I have used this program in my business for years, I now have my husband hooked and he’s running his Painting Business with 17hats. He has received countless compliments from his clients. They say that 17hats easy to use, professional, and clear. In the trades there is a great need for professionalism on the job and in how quotes and invoices are being presented to clients.

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Click the 17hats image below and you will be directed to 17hats where you can see for yourself how this program can not only transform your business but will help transform your life so you can do more of what you love to do. For me, that means more time spent with my family and less time behind the computer.


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