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I wanted to write a brief post about something that is dear to my heart– printing and displaying your photographs.

So you’ve just finished your session and you received a drive with all your digital files on it, now what?  As a photographer who delivers mostly digital images, its my job to encourage you all to print those photos!  One first question that gets asked of me, “Where do I print my images?” In a world that filled with many, many print options there are only a few places that will give you consistent print quality results.  My first place to recommend would be to print through me and through my pro-lab.  Even though you have purchased digital images, I do offer a percentage discount if you print your prints through my lab.  My monitor has been calibrated to the print lab– meaning the colours I see on my screen will be what comes out in print form.  There are many places I would not recommend to print- Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart being a couple of them.  If you are looking for a more local place I would recommend Costco if you are going to be printing.

My favourite part of the process is receiving the printed images.  I love the feel of the paper, I love seeing my photos in a tangible way and I love that I can display them in my house for my family and others to see.  I read somewhere that displaying photos of your kids and your family improves your children’s sense of worth and sense of belonging!  Well I hope it works because we have tons of photos being displayed in our house!

The next favourite part of the process for me, is deciding how to display my photos.  There are so many endless ways you can display them.  Pinterest has been a great inspiration to me in deciding what to do.  I’ve created a Wall Display Inspiration Board if you want to check out some of the neat things I’ve found!

I did a quick walk through my house the other day and took some pictures of our photos and how I’ve displayed them.  We are a family that chooses to be budget friendly and all of these do not cost much.  I’ll let you know where I’ve printed and where I’ve gotten each of my collections!

And if you are interested in booking a session with me so you can display some of your families images in your home, please feel free to Contact Me!

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So this is my newest favourite spot in the house!  The little 4×6 frames come from Ikea and they are awesome!  I use them a lot and the best thing is they only cost .99 cents!  I use them also in my Welcome Wagon advertising and they are great little gifts.  The prints inside them I have printed through my pro-lab GTA Imaging. The frame in the middle came from a thrift store along with the print inside of it.  The branches on the left are displaying some of my InstaxMini Prints– I love that I now have a place to put these small prints and the kids love looking back at what they were doing in these photos.

wall display 6

This frame was bought from Michael’s and to be honest it sat in my closet for a long time until I filled it!  My pictures need to be updated but again super easy way to display them.  And Michael’s often has super sales on their frames!

wall display 5     I love this spot!  The picture ledge is from Ikea (can you feel a theme!) and on it is displayed some of our photos from our session with Katie Oblinger Photography.  I love that I now have these memories and that I can see them each day!

wall display 3

Another favourite spot in our house – again frames purchased at Ikea and Michael’s and prints printed through GTA.

wall display 4

These pictures are on the corner of my piano again super cheap frames – $1 each!

wall display 2

For almost 4 years our bedroom walls have had nothing on them.  This is my first super big frame and super big print.  Frame purchased at Ikea and I chose to have this printed at GTA.  When printing a print as large as this its super important to know that you are going to be getting quality!

I hope I have inspired you to print and display your photos!  It doesn’t have to be hard it can be done very simply and very cost effectively!  And if you do have some great display spaces, I’d love to see them!



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