A Letter to My Son – Alliston, Ontario Children’s Photographer

Our middle child, our son, just recently turned three.  I haven’t had a chance to a more formal photo shoot with him.  But I did have a chance to quickly capture a few of his personality a little while back.

Dear Asher,

Wow, where do I even begin this letter to you!  You are a fun, wild, happy, infectious, loveable big boy.  You make me laugh all day long!  You can come up with the most brilliant one liners and they are nothing short of awesome!  A while back I had told you that you needed to get ready because it was nap time…your reply to me was…”Umm…let me think…NO!”  Brilliant, you are brilliant!

You have the most beautiful blue eyes – complete with your daddy’s sparkle.  You have beautiful blonde hair, that has grown long and I have no idea what to do with it!  Daddy wants it to stay long, I want it short…but for now we’ll keep it long.  You love pickles– like LOVE pickles and olives…seriously what kid likes olives!?!  You are either really high with energy and happiness or you are really low with grumpiness and moodiness.  You are affectionate.  You love getting hugs and giving them back.  During the day you will say, “Mommy, love you too!”  It makes my heart sing.  You love trains, trucks, books and watching TV.  You also love playing outside, but you are crazy afraid of any flying insect– you’ll run from where you are playing and scream, “A Bee, a Bee, A Bee!” even though its just a fly.  I’m afraid its going to be a long summer.

You are a great brother.  You love your sisters so much.  You aggravate your big sister but you are also such a good playmate for her.  Although you are three years younger than her, you both can play very well together.  Meaning, you follow her directions very good!  You also love your baby sister.  You greet her every morning with a “Hi Eden!” and she greets you back with a big, beautiful smile.  She loves watching you and reserves her biggest smiles and her best talking for you.

You have style and moves!  You can rock a straw hat and you can bust out the best dance moves.  You love to move with the music and you can usually sing along, even though we rarely can understand you!

My dear boy, I am so blessed to have you in my life.  You bring me endless joy (and sometimes frustrations!) you bring me smiles and laughter when I need it most.   You encourage me, love me and bless me each day.  I am so proud of the boy you are and I look forward to watching you grown more and more each day.

Love Mommy

(and here are a few pictures that capture this sweet boy’s personality!)

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