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A few weeks back our oldest daughter turned six.  Some days its so hard to believe that she is six years old already.  Because I am a mom of three young children, people often give their advice (whether needed or not!) on how to cope with such a young family.  The words I most often hear repeated are, cherish them when they are young for they grow up so quickly!  In the moment of young family chaos, I find myself rolling my eyes, and just wishing they would sympathize with the stage I am in my life.  But in moments like these; the milestones, this advice could never be truer.  And so I wanted to write a letter to my daughter on the occasion of her sixth birthday.

Dear Leah,

You are six now! Wow its hard to believe that six years have flown us by. I have watched you grow from a small, beady eyed, independent baby to a young girl curious about the world around her.  You are so passionate about what you do.  You love learning and you love, love art.  You have an eye for detail and your brain is in constant motion.  You love making inventions and designing the latest and greatest.  Your newest love is birds.  You love watching the birds outside and every time you see a new one you quick run to your bird book to find out which one it is.  You are full of energy and loud, very loud.  This is one thing that has not changed over time.  You still have an infectious giggle and a beautiful smile.

I am so proud of the way your are growing up.  You are learning to care for others around you.  You hurt when others are hurting and you are tender and loving (mostly!) to your siblings.  You still hate cleaning up but you are a master of creating a huge mess!  Because you love art projects so much, our house is over flowing in paper bits, crayons, markers, projects and creations and I often am missing my scissors and paper because you’ve used them and they have become buried in your art cupboard!

You are a lot like me, which is scary and awesome all in the same.  You are fiercely independent yet highly needy, if that makes sense!  You have a wonderful brain and a lot is going on in your head but sometimes you have difficulties expressing your emotions.  You need to be reminded to give us hugs and love.  You think of others before yourself and you always want to make and give cards to the people you love so much.  Once something is in your head, you rarely if ever, forget about it!  But you are a lot like your daddy too, you love having fun and love exploring new things.   You are infectious and we love to be around you.

These past six years have gone so quickly and I have loved every moment that you have spend with us.  I love watching you grow and learn.  Your heart is so beautiful.  As we are teaching you about Jesus, its amazing to see his love in your heart.  I love praying with you at night and hearing the hurts and joys in your heart.  You take a lot in and I know you understand more than I think you do.  You keep me in check and I have learned so much from you.  I look forward to the many, many more days I have together with you.

I love you always and forever my Leah.

Love Mommy


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