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Summer is a great time for families to capture memories that will last a lifetime. This beautiful family of four decided to do just that by scheduling a summer family photo session in Lethbridge, Alberta. The gorgeous landscapes and vibrant colours of Popson Park provided the perfect backdrop for their photos.

Life with little ones is never dull; it’s always hoping and full of life. As a photographer, I’ve learned over the years to let the little ones lead. A lot of the session is following them around and gently guiding them to activities and places that can capture their attention and focus. The best thing about Popson Park in the summer is that there is water and sand. This is always a great combination for kids!

We had a great time exploring the area and the Pedro family really have some beautiful images now to have as keepsakes. They also chose a few prints and now have them displayed in their home to enjoy for years to come! When clients chose to have their images printed, whether that’s through an album or prints, I always am filled with joy! Photos are meant to be displayed and enjoyed by sight, not just on a screen.

If you’re considering a family photo session in Lethbridge, Alberta, summer is the perfect time to do so. I know that the nice weather is now behind us, but its never too early to start planning for a photo session. The stunning scenery and warm weather will provide a beautiful backdrop for your family’s memories. So grab your loved ones, plan your outfits, and capture memories that will last a lifetime. For more information about photo sessions with Kristin Sarah Photography, feel free to send a message through this link – Contact Me Here.


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