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Happy New Year everyone! We’ve completed our move to the Hamilton area and I’m finally getting settled in! We pretty much holed ourselves indoors the past two weeks with it being so cold outside.  But we’ve emerged and we are getting used to new routines- one being that my two oldest kids are gone from eight in the morning until just past 4:30 in the afternoon- long days!

With it being mid January already I’m finally getting around to sharing about some of my new goals, projects and resolutions.  This year I’m committing to doing a 365 project.  When I started this journey into photography, my every day lifestyle is what inspired me.  Last year I failed horribly at capturing memories for our family.  In October I only pulled out my camera twice- once being Halloween- the required photos!  This year I want to re-ignite that love for photography and the love of capturing photos for my family.  I enjoy looking back and knowing what we all accomplished in a year and I know my kids love it too!

This year I’m twisting it up and bit and adding an element of creativeness and documenting not only my everyday, but also incorporating those shots into Diptych – just digitally!  I’ve been inspired by a fellow ClickinMom on Instagram who has started the #mylifeindiptychs project.  A few of us have been added to the list of capturing daily diptychs.

I wanted to share a few of my first few days of this project.  I know January is always the best for me and then when the season gets a little busier I tend to drift away.  But this time I’m really committing to taking my camera to all places – even McDonald’s!  I’m looking forward to seeing how this project completely unfolds.

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