Here Comes the Sun! ~ Summertime in Ontario

Summertime! This word instantly brings a smile to my face, how about yours?  Summertime is when I truly come alive.  I was born in the summer and I’ve always told myself that I was made for warm, sunshiny weather…and ask my husband he would agree!

Summer is about late nights, sunset chasing, long days at the lake and good food with great fellowship!  When I think of summer time the Beetles song, “Here Comes the Sun” always plays through my head.  “Sun, sun, sun, here it comes!”

Since summer time is always filled with activities and memories, I try to capture the best of it however I can.  Somedays I use my iPhone (when I actually have picture room!) and other days I pull out my dSLR.  But there are so many options out there to capture those memories so I thought I’d share a few of what I have done with our family!

  1.  dSLR – the camera pictured here is my d90.  While this camera doesn’t get much usage lately as its my back up- its a great camera to just pop in my purse or quickly take along on trips.  It’s not my ‘big girl’ camera so I’m a lot less worried about damaging it in any way.  I have a sweet little 35 mm lens on it.alliston photographer, barrie photographeralliston photographer, barrie photographer
  2. “Big Girl Camera” – I currently am shooting with a Nikon d610 and its my go to camera when I know that I want quality images and I want to really capture our activities.  I’ve taken this camera to the zoo, to the beach when doing sunset shots with my daughter and I’ve taken it to the occasional end of the year school trip.  When I do take it out- I usually pop one lens on it and that’s what I use for the majority of the time.  It’s usually my Sigma 35 Art lens which I LOVE.

3.Instax Fujifilm Mini Camera– If you don’t have this camera you need to get it!  It’s SO much fun!!  It comes in a variety of different colours and it’s so cool.  I remember polaroid cameras when I was little and every time the picture was developing it felt like magic to me!  And now my kids get to experience the same thing – how fun! My kids have often taken a shot or two as well with this camera and they love it! They also have these fun printers so you can send your iPhone pics to the printer and it will print on the instant film – how cool is that?

alliston photographer, barrie photographer

alliston photographer, barrie photographeralliston photographer, barrie photographer

  1. FujiFilm WaterProof Camera – These are also a ton of fun! I give them to the kids at the pool or at the beach and they snap away.  Some pictures turn out and some don’t but they still have a blast with it!alliston photographer, barrie photographer

To celebrate summer I want to giveaway one Waterproof Camera!  To enter simply pop back to the original Facebook Post on my business page and leave a comment telling me of one of your most favourite summer activities from last year and if you have a picture of it post it and you get a bonus entry! Contest closes June 15 and the winner will be chosen by a random draw.

And because I know you have the song in your head, here’s “Here Comes the Sun”



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