My Endeavours over the last Month

I have a confession to make, this past month I’ve been keeping a bit of a secret!  And I’m going to let you in on it or rather – show you!  Last year I came across the world of Video Storytelling and found the very talented Emily of Everyday Films.  Once I saw that she graciously teaches others the art of video, I knew I had to sign up.  And so I waited patiently (or not so patiently!) and signed up for her class earlier this winter.

It was awesome! It was a lot of work and I’m still working through reading- re-reading and watching some of the tutorials but I have learned a ton.  I have a long ways to go yet in learning more about video but I know basics – like how to use my camera for video, how to edit and put together a video!  It was  a lot of fun!

When I was younger my parents owned a video camera — I guess we were a pretty high-tech family for that time because I didn’t know any other family with a video camera at that time 🙂 .  And my dad would carry this huge contraption on his shoulder (something like the size of a toaster- just a bit skinnier!) and he would record us at family gatherings, our birthday parties and just our regular every day.  And I loved it- I love being able to see that play back of what we did that day.  Now its been a number of years since I’ve seen any of those videos but I know it would be awesome to see and hear what we were like at that time in our lives!

And that’s what drew me to the art of video story-telling.  Still frames are of course my first passion and I love freezing time and capturing that exact moment, but there is something magical about capturing a  video.  And to see it all come together at the end was the best part!

So introducing my first ever 3 minute film!!  It’s not perfect, but nothing in life is.  But its my life and these are my lovies.  This is my family.

Peereboom Family – Final Project 2016 from Kristin Peereboom on Vimeo.


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