{Letters to Our Children} ~ January 2016

I’m honoured to be a part of a Letters to Our Children blog circle with many other fiercely talented women.  We all have one thing in common, we love our children immensely and I’m sure most of us wish time would go a bit slower some days as our little ones change so quickly!  And so we’ve begun this blog circle to document our letters to our children.  Reminding ourselves to write down to our children what life is like right now, what are they doing well, what we love about them!  I’m excited to start this.  Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the post and click through the circle.

My Dear Leah,

In a few months time you will be eight years old!  I can’t believe these years have flown us by.  You are amazing, knowledgeable and challenging! You thirst for knowledge and you take on challenges.  What amazes me right now is your thirst for words.  You read like no other!  A few months back as I put you to bed, I noticed you were done reading a chapter book.  That night before you had only been couple of chapters in.  So I asked when did you read this book?  Thinking you were in trouble you hesitated answering that you read it in the night after I had closed your door and said goodnight.  You had turned on your small light and continued reading on your own until you had finished the book!

I was amazed and so proud of you and said, that’s awesome, I think you were a bit shocked, lol!  You are reading and you are reading so well!  I can’t keep up with getting you books and having you not finish them before I can get new ones!  I love this picture of you because it captures so much of you in one small frame.  You are reading, your hair is all wispy and you have a look of concentration on your face.  I am so proud to be your mother, yes we have our challenges and our struggles but you continue to amaze me with you.  My prayer for you is that you never stop your hunger for words.  That you use your gifts to fill your heart with love so that you can continue to bless others by being you.



And I’m linking up to Kaycee of Kaycee Deen Photography who has some beautiful words for her children!

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