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Having just completed my first ‘official’ year in business, I’ve been doing a lot of reflection and evaluation.  I’ve learned what works well, what didn’t and I’ve learned a lot more of myself.  This past year I have done a variety of photo sessions and I have learned a ton from each one.  I’m learning what I am more drawn to– what I relate to the best.

Motherhood is a journey that is full of ups and downs.  Being a mom means life is chaotic– it is so fast paced and yet it is painfully slow.  Routine tasks and daily chores are overwhelming at times.  But despite the challenges there are so many moments in motherhood that I will always cherish, always keep close to my heart.  These are the moments that I want to capture for all eternity.  Whether its the millionth time I’ve read Moose by Robert Munch, the many times faces and hands are washed, owies are kisses, hair is brushed, the I love you’s that are said– these are the moments that I will keep in my heart.

I am drawn to capturing those moments.  Those moments in motherhood that defy all the tough ones.  I  am a mom and I feel passionately about capturing those memories for you.  And so I am introducing Moments of Motherhood (M.O.M.) Photogaphy Sessions.  These sessions are uniquely designed to be a lifestyle photography session– capturing you and your children in real, authentic moments in a setting that is comfortable to you.

If you are interested in booking a session – please contact me here.  For more detailed information please see the ad below!

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