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I have been enjoying reading and seeing many different 2014 reviews and so decided to do my own!  I am featuring 14 of my favourite pictures from 2014.  One picture from each month and a couple of extra’s.

2014 was a good year.  I have learned so much.  I have learned more about myself and who I want to be in this year than I have in all the year’s prior.  I don’t know what led to that — whether is was turning 30 or adding another family member or just finally deciding not to spend another day in pity but move forward.  I have grown closer to my husband this year, learned more about what it means to be a good mother and how to recognize healthy relationships.

On to the pictures!

January – this picture so depicts what life was like in January.  Having just had Eden at the end of November, in January I finally felt like I was returning health wise.  It’s busy with three kids!  All different ages, all doing so many different things.

alliston family photographer, alliston photographer

February – a family picture.  Too many monkeys jumping on the bed!

alliston family photographer, alliston photographer

March – after such a long and cold winter, things are FINALLY thawing.  This picture I entered into the South Simcoe Art’s Council, Arts on Main Festival and it won first place!  I love this because it shows the relationship between my two oldest.  Leah is teaching and helping Asher learn new things.  My heart swells every time I see them working together and showing each other love.

alliston family photographer, alliston photographer

April – 2014 was the year of kittens.  Our little kitty had kitties- four cute little fluff balls.  It was so fun at the time and I’m so glad my kids got to experience seeing kittens being born, to watching them grow into super cute playing machines!  But we (Roelof and I) were glad to see the kittens find loving homes

alliston family photographer, alliston photographer


May – As Eden has grown bigger she has become a bit more mobile.  Her siblings were not all that thrilled about it!

alliston family photographer, alliston photographer


June – I have two pictures for June as it was such an awesome month!  Leah graduated from Kindergarten and we were able to do some pretty cool things as a family.  The most important one being that we were able to finally visit Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto.  It was awesome!  We also spent the end of the month at a cottage on Wasaga Beach which was so refreshing and came at such a great time for our family.

alliston family photographer, alliston photographeralliston family photographer, alliston photographerJuly – It was so hard not to choose 50 pictures for the month of July.  July was an amazing month for me.  For the first time in our lives we had two weeks of holidays.  We spent a week at a cottage in Balm Beach and the following week doing stuff at home and visiting our family and another cottage.  It was awesome.  My heart grew and my spirit felt lifted when my daughter and I would hunt the sunset each night while we were at the cottage.  There were a couple of nights where the colours were so magnificent.  It was breath taking and peaceful.  My soul felt at rest.

alliston family photographer, alliston photographerAugust – We started off August with ending our vacation.  I loved seeing Asher go on an ATV for the first time.  He is a boy boy.  Into all things boy and so he was super stoked about this.  My second picture is bittersweet for me.  Leah is growing bigger very quickly.  But I still get short glimpses that she is still little.  And so this afternoon after her taking a nap I decided to capture her sleeping.  Long legs– crumpled up small.  Savouring each and every one of these moments.

alliston family photographer, alliston photographeralliston family photographer, alliston photographer

September – This was a refreshing month for me.  As some of you may or may not know, my husband is a pastor.  That makes me a pastor’s wife.  Pastor’s wives share a bond that nobody else will understand.  Ministry can be a beautiful thing filled with many blessings, but ministry can also be incredibly isolating and full of hurts and heavy hearts.  The three days that I was able to spend in Toronto with 90 other Pastor’s Wives was a lift for my heart.  What impacted me the most is hearing the personal testimonies of the brave women who shared their experience in the ministry and how their journeys all have been guided by our great God.  God is good!

On our free time I was able to head out with some of my friends.  We ate at the El Catrin in the Distillery District.  It was AMAZING!  Seriously, if you are ever in Toronto and want to be blown away by Mexican food– go here!


October – We keep savouring the weather as we know the cold will soon settle in!


November – Our baby turns One!


December – I’m closing off this year with laughter and connections.  I am very excited for what 2015 will bring.  I know it will bring rest, rejuvenation and I’m praying, more laughter and connections!  Blessing to you all, wherever you may be– may this new year bring you the best year yet!



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