Stories of the Heart – Week Four

One month in so far!  This past month has been a pretty rough one for our family– specifically health wise.  I had my appendix taken out and Roelof has been battling pneumonia.  Thankfully our kids have been healthy, save for a few snotty noses.  But having only one parent healthy at a time is super tiring when trying to keep up with three kids and the demands of a house.  It leaves both of us short on patience and energy.

We have been itching to get outside as well.  This winter has been a winter like no other.  It has been so cold and so miserable.  We have been cooped up inside for way to long.  I truly believe that myself and my kids are sun babies.  We love the sun and the warm weather and so this cold weather gets to us after awhile.  As I’m writing this I’m looking outside at the 15 cm of snow that fell overnight!  We’ve had a couple of teaser days where the temps are much warmer and we have been outside in spring jackets– but winter keeps showing up!

My two oldest babies were spring babies.  I knew that after I had them spring would be close at hand.  The warm weather was coming up quickly and I know that helped with the whole recovery after having a baby.  I knew I never had to worry about my moods because I could get outside and sun itself is therapy for me.  When I knew that my third baby was coming at the end of November it had me worried.  That would mean I would be inside for a minimum of three months with a newborn and two other busy kids.  These past four months have left me feeling exactly like I would have thought.  Like winter, I’ve been feeling cold, grey and stuck.  I’m at my end with winter.  I’m ready to get out again and get that sunshine on my skin.  I’m ready for happier days!

We had the chance last weekend to spend a short 24 hour away at a beautiful cottage (thank-you!).  It was just our family unplugged and focusing on what was truly important– being together.  It was refreshing and it was fun!  We also ended up at a indoor waterpark with the kids which was a hit all around!  That Sunday evening I ventured out to take some pictures of the sunset.  It was insanely cold.  I was out for maybe 10 minutes and I could barely feel my finger tips upon returning inside.  But this one picture really spoke to me.  I see myself in it.  Its a bit clouded and blurred but the light is still completely visible.  Its full of warmth and colour– even though it was super cold.  Its the hope of new beginnings.

Sunset 1


Lethbridge County, Alberta

- lethbridge, Calgary, Alberta -

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