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I had the opportunity about a year and a half go to take a video storytelling course.  It was an amazing course and hands down the best one I’ve ever taken.  Not only did I learn the technical side of doing video with my camera, it taught me that not everything has to be perfect.  My heart felt completely drawn to doing video and its so amazing to see it all come together in the end.  But after that final project I’ve only completed two other films.  I can’t quite pin it down to fear, time issues or just feelings of unreadiness.

A couple of weeks ago I got to visit Christine and her kids for a photo session.  The last time I saw this family was when little A was only a few weeks old! On a whim, I asked her if I could take some video footage of our session as well.  I’m so glad I did.  As a mom, my heart obviously can relate to other moms.  I know how motherhood can bring exhaustion, joy, frustration and love all at the same time. I really feel that we as mothers need to tell our stories.  Not only just in still pictures but in everyday moving pictures.  This is life.


Going forward I will now be offering Moving Picture sessions for my clients and I couldn’t be more excited for it!  For more information about the sessions, please send me a message via my contact form or just shoot me an email at  And these sessions make great Christmas gifts, just saying 🙂


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