Planning for Summer – A Trip to the Greenhouse!

Today we spent a good part of our morning searching out the best plants to grow in our garden.  We visited Bradford Greenhouses in Barrie and found a great selection of plants.  We also found that everyone else thought that today would be a good day to plan their gardens as well! Despite the busy crowds we found some great plants and had a blast.

On our way to Barrie we took a road we hadn’t take before and came across a forest of trilliums.  For those of you not native to Ontario– these are the provinces’ official flower, this means no picking them!  I have never come across so many in one spot.  When I was a young girl I do remember coming across a few in our hike and remember feeling like we had to be so careful around them because we weren’t allowed to pick them!  This forest was simply beautiful and they smelled amazing!

All in all we had a great time together this morning and I took my camera out to get some greenhouse shots.  The greenhouse was filled with so much colour it was amazing to see.  I am definitely looking forward to summer now.  (warning there are lots of images!)

Ontario Trillium

Ontario Trillium


Lethbridge County, Alberta

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