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When planning a branding session there are some important key factors to consider. These important factors will help turn your session from okay to outstanding! In turn, your careful and perfect planning will result in images that will be powerful and effective for your brand.

Location, Location, Location

This doesn’t just apply to real estate, its just as important for your brand. Here are some questions to consider.

Are the people you are serving in the professional field, do you need clean, crisp, modern photos to effectively target those people? Be sure to find a studio that has those modern, clean whites.

Are you a small business owner with a store front? Do you want to show what you do and where you serve? For example, are you a florist who works out a studio that you are proud of? Let’s photograph you in that space!

Are you a Real Estate agent who takes pride in finding the perfect beautiful home for your clients? Planning a session showcasing what working with you can look like will help create a powerful message to your potential clients.

Dress to Represent

What should I wear? That’s one of the first questions that I’m asked when planning for a branding session. Tying to a lot of the above paragraph, choosing what to wear and knowing who you are will set your session up for success. I suggest three types of outfits to plan on taking to your branding shoot. A casual jeans outfit, business casual, and business professional. Sticking to variations of these three outfits will help perfectly represent you and your brand.

Clear Messaging

Being transparent and clear with your photographer with what you are looking for. Make sure planning for the session is part of the booking process. Most branding photographers will ensure there is good communication and a thorough questionnaire given at the very beginning of the planning process. Clear communication with your photographer will help them in knowing what your message is so they can help create your perfect branding session.

Juliana’s Branding Session

The following images accurately represent the hard work put in by Juliana to create a session that set her brand up for perfect success. Juliana knew her brand and new her images needed to speak to the high achievers she works with. Having been in the corporate world she now works as a coach to help people create a life they love! The images that we created are displayed all over her amazing website. It’s always so inspiring to see how everything comes together in the end! To see Juliana’s website, click this link –

For more information about creating your own customized branding session, feel free to contact me using my contact form – linked here.


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