Summer Bounty

Summertime is one of my favourite seasons (the other being Fall!).  Not only do we have hot days and warm summer nights, summer is the time of delicious local fresh food.  I love the excitement that planting seedlings brings but I am even more excited to watch the plants grow and then harvest that food!

When summer is about half gone it almost means canning season.  Whenever a fruit or veggie is ready to be harvested, it always brings me back to my childhood.  I remember the days that my grandmothers, mothers, aunts and cousins would all gather together and we’d spend the day canning peaches.  We’d have to work through at least a bushel of them if not more so that their deliciousness could be preserved for us for the winter months.  There is nothing better than fresh local peaches!

Or as I’m ending beans it brings me back to sitting under our tree in the backyard with my mom, brothers and sometimes grandmothers as we ended and cut bags of beans.  At the time I know I didn’t like it but those were great memories!

And so as with passing on traditions from one generation to the next, I am making it a priority in our lives to preserve the seasons.  I want my children to know the importance of growing, harvesting and preparing your own food.  I want them to know where their food comes from– not just from the grocery store but from the earth.  I want them to know that eating locally and eating is season is important.  And you know what– they are excited!  My daughter eagerly wants to check the plants and how they are doing every day.  She gets really excited when she sees a red tomato or another massive zucchini growing!

Yes growing your own vegetables and fruit can be time consuming and yes travelling to local orchards and picking your own fruit is time consuming and yes it is more expensive.  But the benefits and richness of getting to know where your food comes from is truly an amazing blessing!

So get out and pick some local fruit or vegetables, I’m convinced you will be rewarded with some great produce and a great experience!


Lethbridge County, Alberta

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