Hands of Blessing

On the eve of the arrival of our third child I wanted to reflect on the blessings this pregnancy has brought me.  My most favourite blessing is the physical placement of so many hands on my belly.  This was especially true to me the last time we were down with our extended family.  We had come for a weekend to celebrate a cousins wedding and we had many, many opportunities to spend time with our loved ones; I’m talking cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings, parents and grandparents.  The one evening in particular we were able to spend some time with a whole bunch of us.  Many of our family members would place their hands on my belly and hope to feel the baby move.  And the active little girl that she is, they usually would feel a movement or two.  My favourite was when my Grandma placed her hand on my belly and gave a little shriek when she felt her move.

This is a constant reminder to me that our unborn daughter is so, so loved.  From the time that she was a teeny, tiny seed until she is full grown in my womb, she is loved.  Hands of blessings have been placed over her for 9 months, awaiting her arrival, hoping and praying for her.  Blessing.  She is loved and we are loved.  Hands of blessing have been with her and God’s hands of blessing have been holding us as all times.

As we anticipate her arrival with excitement and a bit of nerves I pray that God’s hands of blessings may watch over her and watch over me.


Lethbridge County, Alberta

- lethbridge, Calgary, Alberta -

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