The Finish Line ~ Self Portraits

My third pregnancy is almost coming to a close.  I wanted to write a few of my thoughts and experiences this pregnancy before I get caught up in life with a newborn and forget all those small details about how she grew for nine months within my belly.  This pregnancy has been a relatively easy pregnancy in comparison to my second pregnancy.  I’ve had all the regular things – morning sickness, extreme tiredness, achy back, sciatic pain, not sleeping at night and pregnancy brain.  But those are all the regular things.  I have been blessed with a good pregnancy.  And even better our baby is growing, she is healthy, she is active and she is loved.

One thing that I find quite different than my other two pregnancies is how active this little one is.  My two kids are active outside of the womb and they were fairly active inside the womb, but this child, this child is crazy active!!  At night we spend time together and watch my belly jump from side to side.  Sometimes her movements cause limbs or whatever body parts to stick an inch or two up through my belly.  Its amazing to see but sometimes kind of creepy 🙂

Another joy that I have had this pregnancy, is the way my kids interact with their new sibling.  Our daughter sometimes will snuggle in close and ask what the baby is doing, put her hand gently on my tummy and wait for a kick.  She is asking questions and is concerned for me and for her baby sister.  She also knows our baby’s name and keeps the secret so close to herself and has not told anyone!  She even forbids me to speak of the baby’s name to anyone!  Our son, the two and a half year old, sort of understands what is going on but I’m not sure how much he actually comprehends.  He also will sit beside me and say, “Baby Up” – which means he wants to feel the baby move.  Or he’ll say, “Baby Out!”, “Baby Sleeping”.  I’m a little nervous and excited to see how he adjusts to a new younger sibling!

I’ve had a vision in my head for a while about capturing some self portraits.  I haven’t been very consistent this pregnancy in capturing my growing belly — I definitely did a better job with the last two.  But these pictures have been in my head for a while.  I just have had no energy to actually get up and make that vision a reality.  Today I had a strange burst of energy (maybe I’m nesting!) and I set out to accomplish it.  While I see so many technical things wrong with these pictures– its about the memory, the stage in life I’m in and about the growing baby in my belly.  I will forever treasure these and I’m so glad to have captured this moment.



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